A New Chapter...

A New Chapter...

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
–Fortune Cookie

I have just accepted a position as User Experience Specialist at the Mississippi State University Library. As many of you know, my career as a User Experience (UX) Designer led me to open my bakery in 2015, and you can be sure I will bring everything I have learned into my new job.

I am incredibly proud of being profitable from year one, selling my award-winning innovative products from coast-to-coast, and bringing good food to more people.

Not everyone embraces change, but none of my accomplishments would be possible without it. Through all of the changes I put my business through, one thing remained constant: my mission to spread the word that slowly fermented whole grain products are delicious and very good for you! It is worth your time and patience to seek them out or learn to make them.

Does that mean you won't be selling any more bread and pastries?

I hope to plan some events for the next couple of weeks (keep an eye out for announcements). After that I must focus on my new job. But let me say this once again, YOU CAN DO THIS. I learned everything I know about baking while working a very demanding job. What could be more important than taking control of the food you make for yourself and the ones you love? Stop making excuses, make it a priority, and just get to it. (Please ask me for suggestions on how to get started!)

What about reclaiming beer grain?

My cracker operation has served as a poof-of-concept that waste from craft brewers can be turned into delicious nutritious food. I proved that this concept resonates with customers from coast-to-coast, and aroused the interest of large national retailers. So what is the hang up? The short answer is that location has proven to be a big hurdle, making it difficult to establish the partnerships needed to scale up the operation and establish a sustainable business without raising a substantial amount of capital.

I truly believe in this concept and the good news is that I retain 100% of the business. I remain open to suggestions and possible collaborations with the hope that some of what I have learned and developed here will help us all reduce waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, do more with less resources, and eat better.

Can I still buy crackers online?

Yes. While supplies last. That part is up to you. Order some now!