A Year on Main Street

A Year on Main Street
It has been much more than a year, actually, but we did have a "Grand Opening" last August, so, one-way-or-another, we have passed this epic milestone! Main Street sure has changed in this past year. A new City Hall stands at one end. Restaurants have come and gone. Drivers continue to try to figure out the turn-about in front of my shop in the search for parking. I am amazed at what we have created at 109 W Main Street. With the help of some friends, I pushed the oven in the back door, and suddenly people from all over the world showed up to see what we were baking! Well, something like that, anyway. We have met people from all over, and the outpouring of support has been overwhelming!

Our brand is change.

If you haven't noticed this, yet, then you haven't really been paying attention to us. I knew when I started this that it would not be about just standing still and watching it happen; I would have to invent and innovate and question everything that it means to be bread bakery in this day and age. Changing hours, changing schedules, and changing offerings has confused many and disappointed more than I would like, but change is not always easy. Change can be exciting, and in my experience, change is usually very rewarding. Did you know that there has been a revolution baked into every Honey Biscuit, Starkville Sourdough and everything else coming out of our oven!
  • We set out to change our relationship to our food.
  • We want to change how food is produced.
  • With our partners at Carolina Ground (read about it here) we want to change how our food is grown.
  • We want to change how we eat whole grains.

Our brand is naturally fermented whole grains

My journey with bread began in the galley of a ship at sea. The more I learn about baking with grains, then more possibilities open up. In a recent feature in the local paper I explain how a couple of experiences came together to inspire my sourdough crackers. Whole grain sourdough crackers open up the possibility to take our brand to the world. We will begin shipping online orders around the country next week, and then we will seek out wholesale accounts across the region. All of this is to put ourselves in a position to attend and make an impact at the largest specialty food show in the nation, the Summer Fancy Food Show next June in New York City. In order to achieve this goal and launch our brand, we need a singular focus. We don't like breaking hearts and your dedication to Pizza Wednesday and our very popular grilled sandwiches has given us the momentum to get this far, but there are only so many hours in the day, so difficult choices must be made. We love everything we make here, so I am certain we will find a way to fit everything and more back into the schedule, but for now we need your support to move forward. There will be many opportunities to get onboard with us on this journey, and the first one is to sign up for one of the limited spots left for the Fall Bread & Cracker Subscription. This is the one guaranteed way to get a weekly loaf of DeRego's Bread and a bag of Whole Grain Sourdough Crackers. Pick up is on Friday afternoons between 2pm and 6pm. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your support!