Carrot Ginger Soup and Sesame Seed Sticks with Pale Ale Grains

Carrot Ginger Soup and Sesame Seed Sticks with Pale Ale Grains

Earlier this year on a fantastic trip through eastern Europe we enjoyed some unbelievable flavorful yet simple food. One dish that stands out in my memory was a carrot ginger soup in a café in Dresden. I don't think there was anything uniquely German about the soup, it simply celebrated that flavors of vegetables in a way that made me realize how rarely we do that in the food we eat in this part of America.

Anyway, here we are entering soup season, and I can't get that one out of my head. I did my best to recreate it here and I have to say, I a very pleased! I also think this will work as a basic plan for vegetable soups of all kinds.

My starting point was this article on Epicurious. I had a big white onion and some chopped red onion on hand, so I started there with that. I chopped up a bag of carrots, a couple of red peppers, a small butternut squash and ginger, of course. I added some spices and let it all sweat it out for a while. At this point, the smell and the color were warm and inviting. I realized just how simple this can be!

I struggled with the idea of whether to purée or not because sampling chunks of hearty carrots was really nice and I could have just stopped there, but decided I should push forward and finish the initial vision. So, into the blender it all went.

The plan was to portion it out and fill the freezer, but after having soup at every meal this entire weekend, there is just a bit to save. Of course, I have plenty of Craft Beer Grain Sesame Seed Sticks to accompany it and turn a simple bowl into a meal.