February is Kickstarter Month!

February is Kickstarter Month!

We are about to set off on a great journey. Our mission is to share our whole grain sourdough products with the world. When we started making Sourdough Crackers flavored with all natural seeds and spent grains from local brewers, we knew we had found a product that could hit the road and get out there to see the world!

We strive to be a zero-waste operation, use the best natural products we can get our hands on, and grow in a manageable and sustainable way. We want to build something that will last and make the world just a little bit better than it was before.

To do all this, we must walk before we can fly. The next small step we take involves you! We are a small shop, and we need to make and sell a whole lot of crackers in order to achieve our goals. The piece of equipment that will have the greatest impact for us is a table top dough sheeter. We will be able to increase production and buy us some more time to dream up new products.

We are hoping to raise $6000 with a Kickstarter.com campaign. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that will allow us to take a bunch of pre-orders to raise the capital to produce the goods and send them out to you. There are several levels of support to choose from, and each one comes with at least one bag of our Sourdough Crackers.

Please consider getting on board and joining us on this journey. Take your crackers and go out and explore the world!