New Day Rising: a baker's life begins

Today is one of those days I have been dreaming of for years. This was my last day at work on campus at the Mississippi State University Extension Service. When the sun rises tomorrow I will be a full-time bread bakery owner! I want be sure to mark the occasion, because it is a really big deal, but mostly, I feel that it is just one more step in a march I have been on for as long as I can remember. I promise I won't get in the habit of going on and on about myself here, but this is the kind of day that makes one look back on the the road that led to this point, so maybe you can indulge me for just this one time. I grew up in southern New Hampshire (Wait! Don't go. I swear I have a point to make.) As a kid I thought that being surrounded by suburbia made me desperate for escape, but looking back now I see that being just a short drive from the White Mountains, the NH seacoast, and  everything that Boston had to offer inspired an insatiable desire for nature and culture.  I was fortunate to have great teachers and alumni from my high school that turned me onto art leading me to the Rhode Island School of Design. I earned my degree in Fine Arts, but what I came away with was much more valuable. I learned how to learn. I think the world is pretty great place and I want to see as much of it as I can. I want to know how people live, how they feed themselves, how they find joy. I want learn what works and try it! This is the desire that inspired DeRego's Bread. Bread is universal. Every culture has taken the same handful of ingredients and created some form that is unique and yet somehow familiar. Bread is nourishment, and the process of harvesting, milling, mixing, and baking creates community and connects people with the land. I know those are some pretty lofty ideas, but I do think pretty highly of bread when it is done right. Providing all of this to my community, and making a living doing it, is my American Dream. This is the destination of the march I have been on all this time. There are more "big deal" days coming up soon, and these will include some that will be of more interest to you, including the day we open the doors to customers! Please stay tuned for that big announcement and thanks for indulging me as I get misty eyed for a moment. There. Now I can get back to work!