Playlist - Divisadero

Playlist - Divisadero

As the summer comes to an end, I keep dreaming of a great trip to San Francisco earlier this year and my time there many years ago. These songs will take you there, too! 


"Black Smoke Rise" by Wooden Ships

"Royal Café" by American Music Club

"San Francisco Days" by Chris Isaak

"22 Fillmore" by Chuck Prophet

"Grace Cathedral Park" by Red House Painters

"Your Thoughts And Mine" by Tarnation

"The Last Ten Years" by Mark Eitzel

"Please" by Chris Isaak

"Daria" by Cake

"Never Say Never" by Romeo Void

"Ben's My Friend" by Sun Kil Moon

"How Many Six Packs Does It Take to Screw In A Light Bulb" by American Music Club