Playlist - Grits Ain't Groceries

Playlist - Grits Ain't Groceries

 Did you know that the first, and most important ingredient in everything I make is MUSIC.

Nothing good can come out of a quiet bakery and the better the groove the better the products. So, here is an inside look at what makes things happen at Grain Elevator.

For the first edition, we begin with one of my favorite bass lines ever. It is also a song about food where Little Milton explains that if he is not in love with you, then grits must not be groceries, as well as a list of other things that no longer make sense. That's great, Milton, but what I am interested in is that bass. Who played it?

A bit of googling brought me to Louis Satterfield, who may or may not be on the record, but his name did lead me to a slew of great music and that is what this is all about. (Just to set the record straight, grits actually are considered groceries in most cases.)