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Progress: one foot in front of the other

There are no shortage of reminders of how difficult it is to start a new business, especially a bread bakery. It is like climbing a great big mountain. Not only that but when you reach the top you realize that the real work is just beginning! What keeps me going is running into friends and acquaintances that are super excited about having a bread bakery right here on Main Street in Starkville. I can't wait to start baking and serving up healthy delicious food to my community. It is definitely a goal worth fight for, and so every free minute I am toiling away trying to get up that mountain. This weekend marked a couple of big mile stones. First of all, I have finished cleaning up 3 of the 4 decks on my giant oven. It is a major restoration project  and I don't if she is going to be a Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang or Stephen King's Christine, but either way, a great transformation is taking place! The other big one was the installation of a very, very, very (I can't stress this enough) important piece of equipment. Aside from the oven, the most essential item in a bread bakery is the sound system. You may not realize it, but each loaf from DeRego's Bread absorbs rhythm and melody from the air, as well as directly through me. My best baguettes have been the result of some serious rocking out! So the "front of the house" is coming along. Here is a look at the before and after: west wall - before IMG_2330