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2019 GOOD FOOD AWARD Winner!

More than five years ago, I sold my first sourdough at the local farmer’s market. It was thrilling and suddenly I became a professional food producer. My customers put their trust in me as I take on the great responsibility providing nourishment to them. Making the right decisions that are nutritious, sustainable, affordable, and above all, taste great, is the hardest thing I have ever done. The fact that you buy buy products again and again is a great reward, but now I have a medal that I can wear around my neck! Earlier this year I submitted my entry for my Sweet Potato Stout Craft Beer Crackers. The first phase consists of a blind tasting. They receive thousands of...

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A Year on Main Street

It has been much more than a year, actually, but we did have a "Grand Opening" last August, so, one-way-or-another, we have passed this epic milestone! Main Street sure has changed in this past year. A new City Hall stands at one end. Restaurants have come and gone. Drivers continue to try to figure out the turn-about in front of my shop in the search for parking. I am amazed at what we have created at 109 W Main Street. With the help of some friends, I pushed the oven in the back door, and suddenly people from all over the world showed up to see what we were baking! Well, something like that, anyway. We have met people from all over,...

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What went down at our Open House 2016

Everything I know about bread making I learned from Bread Bakers Guild of America (BBGA) members, so I have been excited to host my own open house since opening DeRego’s Bread on Main Street in Starkville, MS just over a year ago. Of course, many of my big plans needed to be scaled down as the date loomed. There are never enough hours in the day of a bread baker! On a typical Saturday, we sell everything we can bake at the Starkville Community Market and come back the shop finished for the day at 10:30, so our challenge was to figure out how to have enough on the shelves for all of the people we had invited to spend the...

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