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Living the Rye Life at the Asheville Bread Festival 2018

I have been dreaming of a trip to Asheville, NC for some time and when I learned that this year's Bread Festival would be helmed by my miller, Jennifer Lapidus of Carolina Ground AND it would be held at the New Belgium Brewery AND there would be a master class with bread rock stars Stanley Ginsberg, Harry Peemoeller and Lionel Vatinet, well any one of those would be enough of a reason to pack up the Cracker Van and hit the road.   The festival consists of a Bread Fair with vendors from across the region selling artisan bread,  jams, oils, and spreads. I am glad I brought crackers, because it would be tough to stand out in that crowd...

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10 Essential Tools for Bread Baking

For now, humans have the edge over machines when it comes to making bread, but only slightly and the robots are coming for us. So let's make the most of it and get busy making some great bread while we still can. Our hands are our most important tool. We don't need much else. These essential tools will get us started and be there for us for a lifetime wether we bake one loaf a week or dozens every day. 1. Digital Scale Put those cups and tablespoons away, you won't be using them for bread baking. The main reason is that it is impossible to accurately measure flour by volume. You can test this with your new digital scale....

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Five Favorite Bread Baking Books

To be honest, there is not a bread book out there that I would not grab up in an instant. And there are many greats that I have yet to come in contact with such as Raymond Calvel's The Taste of Bread or Nathan Myhrvold's new five volume $500 set Modernist Bread. Perhaps I will find them under the Christmas tree this year, but for now, here are a few titles that have inspired and informed me.   1. Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day Peter Reihart has many books, some more extensive and some more specific, but this is the one that started it all for me. The simple concept that makes artisan bread baking available to everyone every day is long-slow-cold...

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