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Carrot Ginger Soup and Sesame Seed Sticks with Pale Ale Grains

Earlier this year on a fantastic trip through eastern Europe we enjoyed some unbelievable flavorful yet simple food. One dish that stands out in my memory was a carrot ginger soup in a café in Dresden. I don't think there was anything uniquely German about the soup, it simply celebrated that flavors of vegetables in a way that made me realize how rarely we do that in the food we eat in this part of America. Anyway, here we are entering soup season, and I can't get that one out of my head. I did my best to recreate it here and I have to say, I a very pleased! I also think this will work as a basic plan...

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I have been eating oatmeal all wrong

I have been making sourdough for many years now. I remember it seemed like a big step getting started. It was so mysterious and everyone was so eager to offer advice, some good, some bad. It does take some planning and some commitment, but the truth is, fermentation is a natural process and all it takes is a bit of encouragement to do what it already wants to do. Once I started, I could not imagine baking without it. This year I have made a commitment to try fermenting more than just wheat flour. I believe in the power of fermentation to bring out wonderfully complex flavors and to break down food to make nutrients more accessible. Why wouldn't I want...

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Why aren't you making hummus?

Sometimes I think I can hear my crackers crying out for hummus with every bite. As a cracker baker, you better believe I have a great hummus recipe, and once you see how easy it is to make, you will never have to let the cries of those crackers go unheeded! The ingredients are simple and the directions even simpler. The tahini, a sesame seed paste, might be difficult to find. It will be located the "International Food" aisle of the super market. You can make your own by toasting sesame seeds and blending with olive oil. I hope to try this one day, but have not yet. Ingredients 1 16oz can chickpeas (garbanzo beans) ¼ cup liquid from can...

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Sourdough Cracker Crumb Dressing

As promised, here is my recipe for Sourdough Cracker Crumb dressing/stuffing. You can try this with any of your favorite bread crumb dressing recipes. Why would you do this? Because sourdough makes the best breadcrumbs with extra flavor, and crackers don't have to be cut up and toasted, they already are! I made this recipe by simply crushing the crackers by hand. I hope you use this as a starting point to experiment with your favorite type of stuffing. In fact, I did a second batch that is much closer to my grandmother's Portuguese stuffing with linguica and spicy red pepper with the Flaxseed Rye Sourdough Crackers. Please keep me posted about your experiments! Ingredients 2 Tablespoon butter, melted 2...

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How to make baguettes with poolish

Finally a glimpse of spring today! I could still use a bit more warmth in my kitchen for ideal bread making, but it gives me a chance to continue my quest to make my baguettes even better for the opening of the market season here in Starkville. This week I experimented with a pre-ferment called a poolish. A polish is simply equal parts flour and water along with a small amount of baker's yeast. This results in a very wet mixture which is allowed to ferment overnight. Here we can see the poolish on day two. The smell is wonderful.  This will be added to our final dough supplying the complex flavor that can only be developed with a long slow...

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