Announcing our first Bread @ Home Class

Announcing our first Bread @ Home Class

Bread bakers have no secrets, at least not about bread. We love to share what we know. Everything I know about baking has come from the generosity of other bakers. I believe this is because bread baking is constantly evolving, or actually, we keep changing and must find ways to make bread continue to fit into our daily lives.

There was a time when meal preparation in every home began early in the morning. Bread would be mixed and endlessly kneaded, then placed on a warm counter to rise through the day and baked sometime before dinner. There was also a time when professional bakers would work through the night to have shelves filled by morning so busy housewives could collect the daily bread while out running all of the other errands of the day. Of course these things still exist, but not for most of us. Somehow our lives have become too busy and erratic to fit such a simple daily pleasure into it no matter how much we desire it.

I hear it from customers every day, how much you love fresh bread from the oven. The thing is, you can have it. You can have it everyday of the week if you like, and you don't have to get up at 4 am, and you don't have to quit going to the gym because of all the time you'll spend kneading. I am going to share the secret in our very first Bread @ Home Class!

I will show you have to make great bread at home in the spare time you already have. You know it is true because many of you have seen and eaten the results! When I started baking for the farmers market back in 2013, I was working a full time job. I managed to bake 100 loaves a week in my home kitchen! I promise, once you learn the routine, you can a 2 or 3 loaves a week and not miss a wink of sleep or work or whatever you do with your time (scroll through your phone.)

Hopefully this will be the first of many, but it is all up to you. Make the move and join me on Tuesday May 15th from 6 pm - 8 pm. You can view all the details in the online store under "Classes."