Buy Direct from the Baker

6 flavors of Naturally Fermented Craft Beer Grain Crackers on the shelf

What it means to support small independent producers

There is a revolution going on in the supermarket. You know what I mean. There are new products on the shelves, and new ways to shop. We used to be at the mercy of a few big brands that filled up every shelf in the store. Now we don't even have to go to the store!

The most exciting part is that this change is being led by small independent producers making simple real food with traceable ingredients and direct connection with their customers. We all have a desire to know who is making our food and where it comes from.

As a small producer I face this challenge head-on every day. It would be nice to be able to keep it small and personal, but a business must grow in order to become sustainable, and growth is always trying to erode that personal connection. Fortunately, we now have many tools to help us do it right.

Technology, when used correctly, can bring us together. In fact, I have already sold Craft Beer Grain Crackers to customers from coast-to-coast. The old way of doing things involves a complex puzzle of partners including manufactures, packers, distributors, brokers, and buyers, each taking a significant piece of the revenue along the way. For a small producer that is just too much to bear. When we sell direct to you, that money flows  back into the business and keeps it going.

Of course I want to grow my business and one day be available on every shelf in every store across the nation, but I want to grow in a sustainable way and retain the connections and responsibility to you, the customers. Every  bag of crackers you buy direct from the baker helps us get there! Thank you!