We Collect Grain from Local Brewers

Troy DeRego showing off some Sweet Potato Stout grains at the bakery

If you are like me, you try to always do the right thing, but when it tastes great, that's even better!

Did you know that every six-pack brewed results in about one pound of spent grain? This grain is carefully selected by craft brewers for the specific flavors they desire for their beers. Malted barley is roasted to produce deep rich chocolaty flavors for stouts. A hazy IPA calls for the addition of flaked wheat and oats to smooth out the hops and highlight the fruity notes.

At Grain Elevator, we think these flavors should be celebrated and not composted! These grains have so much left to offer even after the brewer is done with them. In fact, they are even better for us after the mashing. The starches and sugars are drained away with the wort which will be fermented into beer, leaving behind a grain that is now proportionally higher in protein, nutrients, and fiber. We have also discovered that they are still loaded with plenty of flavor. The trick is to harness the power of nature to unleash all this goodness... (find out how we do it.)

We are proud members of the Mississippi Brewers Guild

The craft brewing industry is going strong here in Mississippi and we travel to every corner of the state to collect grain. Our current line up includes partnerships with the following:

The list is alway growing so please check back often or reach out if you would like to partner on a new flavor of Craft Beer Grain Cracker.